Vaness Joy & Rob Adams on creativeLIVE!



Mark you calenders as busy April 11-14! Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams are teaching 3 separate workshops on creativeLIVE for photographers and cinematographers over the course of the 4 days!


Workshop #1: Final Cut Pro X

Dates: April 11-13th, 2013

Location: online at creativeLIVE

Cost: FREE

Description: Explore Final Cut Pro X in-depth with Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy! Rob will teach editing theory and practice, teach all the important aspects of FCP and help you master this complex program. Using examples from wedding films and corporate films, Rob will show how he uses the many tools in Final Cut most effectively. If you’re interested in editing your own work, this workshop is for you!

Link to Course Page:


Workshop #2: Yoga for Photographers

Dates: April 11-14th, 2013

Location: online  at creativeLIVE

Cost: FREE

Description: Are you a photographer with an achy back? Painful neck? Eye Strain? Tired easily on the job? Join Vanessa Joy for four morning yoga sessions that’s suitable for all levels. Whether you’re at the top of your physical game, or can’t even bend over and touch your toes, this course will be exactly what your photographer body needs.

Link to Course Page:


Workshop #3: Beyond the Same Day Edit

Date: April 14th, 2013

Location: online at creativeLIVE

Cost:  FREE

Description: Ready to start bringing in leads and wow-ing your wedding clients? Get all of your wedding work done the night of the wedding — and sleep in on Monday. Join Vanessa Joy for a one-day workshop that will take your business to a new level. Learn how to photograph a wedding with publications in mind, maximize Facebook social marketing and bring in new leads without spending money on expensive advertising.

Link to Course Page:


Important Information! 

Vanessa and Rob will be giving away $100 BRI gift cards during their workshops on creativeLive! In order to possibly win one of these awesome gift cards, you need to be follow these people on twitter:

@bripro, @vanessaandrob, @creativeLIVE

Use the following hashtag in ALL of your tweets during Vanessa and Rob’s workshops:



Happy Learning!