Unique Ways To Display Your Photographs

metal print wall clock

You have managed to capture that once in a lifetime photo as everything in it is perfect. The lighting, the subject, the timing, it all blends together impeccably to create an image that is sure to grab the attention of your audience. Unfortunately, you are now faced with the real challenge: how to properly display your photograph. Long gone are the days of simply inserting your work of art into a picture frame. Instead, today’s, photographers need to display their work in creative ways that will grab the attention of their audience.

One such way to display your black and white or sepia toned photographs is by repurposing an old window frame. It is recommended that the window mot be repainted or anything of that nature as the dents and dings give it character. Carefully remove the glass and run strips of wire or fabric horizontally from one side of the frame to the other. It is up to you to determine how may strips or how far to space them. Attach each print to the wire with an old fashioned clothes hanger. The end result is a unique and vintage way to bring your photographs to life.

Another interesting way to display your images is by hanging them from old clothes hangers. This is similar to the old window frame approach as it offers a vintage look. The process is quite simple and is done by fastening clothes hangers to a wall by some sort of a mount or simple screw and hook. Next, the images are attached to the hangers. A canvas print works best, especially if the canvas has a hook on one end. This method creates a very interesting design and is sure to entice questions from the viewers.

Many photographers often take pictures of several family members, individually as well as a group. The group pictures are easy to display but photographers are often left struggling with ways to display the images of the individuals. Why not use one of our gallery wrap clusters for displaying a family sessions? Using a gallery wrap cluster allows the photographer and their client to design a wall display around the family portrait while displaying the individual images at the same time.

metal print wall clock

Finally, photographers consider their images to be timeless. Therefore, it is suitable to incorporate your photos in some sort of relation to time. First, hang a small clock on the wall but make sure it does not have any numbers. The central part with the hour and minute hands work the best.  The next step is to hang photographs around the perimeter which emulates the numbers that would be found on the face of the clock. Such a fun and personal way to hang a clock in your home!


metal print wall clock

Another way to personalize your display is by mixing and matching the different mediums we offer. Mixing metal prints, split image prints, and canvas fine art prints create a look that is unique and completely personalized.

What is the most unique way you have or have seen photographs displayed?