The Top Three Wedding Photography Trends of 2014

Wedding Albums

Even though America’s poor economic standing had caused marriage rates to dip between 2007 and 2009, the most recent numbers are showing a bit of a nuptial rebound. In 2014, an estimated 2.2 million people are expected to tie the knot, so says Charlottesville, Virginia’s Demographic Intelligence, anyway. That’s a full 4% increase in weddings since 2009, which is a sure sign of slow but steady progress.

With more folks getting hitched, professional wedding photo albums, too, are boomeranging back into style.

But what kinds of wedding images look best artfully arranged in custom professional photography wedding albums? Serious or celebratory? Black-and-white or colorful?

In order to answer those questions, we turn to the top wedding photo trends of 2014.

A Blend of Shooting Styles

If you have any friends who have gotten married, they’ve probably invited you over at some point to flip through one of their personalized custom photo albums. The shots included in these time-capsule treasures tend to capture a variety of scenes from the big day — the bride’s mom prepping her white dress in the hotel, the groom’s father pinning on his boutonnières in the parking lot, assorted party guests busting a move on the dance floor — in a wide range of styles. Today, it’s hard to find a photography company that doesn’t mix different shooting styles in order to best capture those moments. Everything from photojournalistic to artistic to candid tends to be covered by the pros.

Treating Photos as Time Capsules

Why do couples want images of their weddings in the first place? One word: memories. Hiring a pro to shoot your wedding (and edit the photos that come from it) allows you to personalize both the event itself and celebration. Suggestion: Make sure to include the day and year in at least one of your images so future onlookers (especially your kids!) will be able to know exactly when the special day took place. After all, the cake gets eaten, the flowers die and the tuxes get returned. In the end, all that’s left are the photographs — and the memories. The best way to preserve the day is to hire a pro.

Professional Photography Wedding Albums

Speaking of professionals, one of the best ways to immortalize your special day is by organizing your favorite photos into a number of professional photography wedding albums you can give as gifts to your friends and family. Businesses like Black River Imaging can help transform your scattered photographs into one cohesive, beautiful package representative of you and your partner’s blossoming new life together.

Wedding Albums

professional wedding albums by Black River Imaging

The most important trend of all, though, is the one that never goes out of style — make your wedding entirely your own. From the music to the centerpieces to the colors, your wedding is your special day, and that’s something that’s not likely to change any time soon.