Top 10 Uses for Our Custom iPhone Cases

We love our custom photo iPhone cases and know you will too!

In fact, our excitement kept us up until the wee hours brainstorming how you can use our custom photo iPhone cases in YOUR business!


But WAIT! There’s more!

11). Add as a gift to your top package for Preschools!

12). Offer the cases as a boyfriend, girlfriend, or BFF gifts in senior packages.

13). Great gift for your engaged clients! Order the cases with their favorite image on it!

14). Give to sports league executives as a Thank You gift for allowing you to make a presentation!

15). Market as a product to your commercial and small business clients, like Realtors, that they can give to their best business partners or prospects. They will be happy to publicize their brand or product in such a cool way! Plus, they will be back to order more soon!

16). Add to your Valentine’s Day boudoir or sweetheart promotion. Include a loving quote or heartfelt poem on the design.

17). Build the cost of goods into your wedding packages, then ‘give’ the case as a gift to your brides and grooms. What a special touch! And they won’t forget who to call when baby makes 3!

18). Reward those who refer business to you for the first time with this awesome gift! Include your branding and their favorite image from their most recent session. They will take this conversation piece with them everywhere they go…which means MORE referrals!

19). Offer the iPhone case as an incentive for those elusive juniors and seniors to book their sessions early!


How will you use our custom photo iPhone case in your business?