Three Tips On Creating A Wedding Album You’ll Love Forever

Mosaic Album

Your wedding is something you want etched in your memory for the rest of your life. It’s the one day that you feel like no one can bring you down from cloud nine, and a time when you can’t imagine a more perfect day. This is why an average American couple spends about $28,000 on a wedding, making sure that every detail is taken care of, from decorations, to catering, to wedding attire, to the guest list.

The wedding photographer is also a critical part of your big day. Wedding picture albums are the best way to commemorate your nuptials, as they allow you to re-visit your wedding day whenever you feel a bit of nostalgia hitting you. With today’s digital camera age, you don’t even have to wait for your album to come back from the professional photo lab — you can simply see the pictures online, and even create your own mini custom album while you wait.

Because wedding picture albums become an important part of any couple’s memories, it would be worth it to create the best album possible. Here are a few tips on making sure your album will be perfect.

1). The Best of the Best.

Digital cameras have come a long way since the first one was invented in 1975; you can now take a cell phone picture with just as much clarity as a professional Nikon. You don’t have to wait a long time for these pictures to develop either, as they are instantly loaded to a digital camera. This means that your photographer can click away at every moment, making it much easier for you to spot the gems in the thousands of shots. For your album, insist on picking the highest quality pictures. You may find that some of the random shots are the most flattering — you smiling at your spouse during a candid moment, or laughing at a joke.

2). It’s Not All About You.

It might seem a bit odd to think that your wedding day isn’t all about you, but the day itself is also characterized by your guests. Your grandfather asleep in a lounge chair, your mom wiping a quiet tear, your little cousin shyly asking another guest to dance — these are all moments you probably knew nothing about, but are equally as important to remembering this day. It would be best to add these snapshots into your final album.

3). Color Me Not.

Even though there was no color photography until the early 1900s, photography was still as stunning as it is today. Of course, wedding picture albums that include splashes and swirls of vibrant colors can be breathtaking, but black and white pictures offer a great deal of elegance and sophistication. Try interspersing a few black and white images into your album to add appeal to its overall look.
Professional wedding photo albums that couples can turn back to years later are a critical part of remembering the magic of their day. So, spare no expenses — put together an incredible album that will have you and your spouse laughing, crying, and reminiscing all over again, every time.

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