Think outside the big box: make a “must have” for your clients

How many times have you heard this: “Great session! Can I have my photos on a disc?”

With the digital revolution, just selling clients 8×10 prints doesn’t get the job done. Pro photographers feel the squeeze from both sides: on the one hand, Walmart and Costco are selling cheap, low-quality prints; on the other hand, shoot-and-burn photographers are offering every image on a disc.

With this kind of competition, how do you survive?

Products. Be creative with your products.

What you offer has to be a “must have.” Something that your clients want and desire. Something that they cannot get at the big box stores. Something unique. Something that expresses your creativity and style.

Spencer Boerup of Spencer Boerup Photography has done just that with his ABC Lifestyle Baby Book. The idea came to him while shopping for a Christmas gift for his nephew. He walked into a book store and found a great baby book with animal skin-like fabric swatches. That’s when the idea hit him:“Why not make a photographic baby book?” Two years later, Spencer’s idea became a reality. He took our photo book and applied his creative vison and style.

ABCDEFG from Spencer Boerup.

The digital revolution is here to stay. Embrace it and trust your creative instincts to make a “must have” for your clients.

Want to learn more from Spencer? You can catch him hanging out at in our booth, #1509, at WPPI on Monday Feburary 21 at 10 am!