Book Review

the wedding photographer's handbook: a guide to modern wedding photography
  • Title: The Wedding Photographer’s Handbook: A Guide to Modern Wedding Photography.
  • Author: Gene Ho. 2007. iUniverse. 108 pages.

“The key to any wedding set up is your portfolio. But it’s that old adage…You need experience to get work. But you need work to get experience.”

“By far, the easiest way to get expereince and build a portfolio is working as an assistant to an established photographer.”

“Sometimes you can make a deal with them. You help out for free or for a low fee. In return, the photographer lets you use the photographs in your portfolio.”

Whether you are thinking about delving into the wonderful world of wedding photography or if you are a seasoned wedding photographer, Gene Ho’s The Wedding Photographer’s Handbook, is a must read. This book is chock full of tips and tricks for today’s wedding photographer.

Gene walks you through everything from building your portfolio to marketing your business to shooting those oh-so-boring formal posed family groups on the day of the wedding, and more. Everything you need to know to stand out from the crowd in the wedding photography industry.

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