StickyAlbums + BRI = StickyLove

I first became aware of StickyAlbums last summer during our annual Summer Sizzler, when my friend Natalie Licini spoke about it during her presentation. I went home and delved into what StickyAlbums was and how I could use it in my boutique wedding business. What I found was incredible!

Over the last few months, we have been working with Nate Grahek, owner of StickyAlbums, to bring you a brand new partnership.

Through a series of 3 blog posts, I will be introducing you to StickyAlbums, how to use StickyAlbums in your business, and how Cascade and StickyAlbums integrate to provide your clients a StickyAlbum of their session album or flush mount wedding album!

Let’s get started!

Word-of-mouth referrals are our most valuable currency as pro-photographers. Smart Phones and Tablets are the fastest growing consumer products we’ve ever seen, and they’re changing how we live and how we do business. StickyAlbums gives you a way to leverage this mobile revolution into wow-factor referrals. StickyAlbums also helps you target clients who can afford premium photography–people who use iPhones and iPads have already demonstrated their affinity for premium/boutique products.

Designed by pro-photographers in early 2012, StickyAlbums has already taken the photography community by storm. The idea is genius: create a custom photo album app for each of your clients so they can share your work via their mobile device. Clients access their own album—complete with your branding—via their phone or tablet. They can share the album face-to-face, or they can send the app to the devices of their friends and family.

On your end, StickyAlbums’ software makes creating the albums as quick and easy as creating a new blog post. It takes just a few minutes to produce albums that are clean, professional, and guaranteed to wow your clients.

StickyAlbums works best as an add-on premium, a part of top-level packages. Current members use StickyAlbums as the perfect pull-through incentive to get clients to invest in bigger print packages, or print albums.


Create digital mobile app photo albums

Easily update albums at any time

Custom “app” icon for each album

Embed YouTube video in albums

Embed Background Music

Keep private albums secure with passwords

Want more info? Then check out this video!