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Guest Blog Post Wedding Photographers Washington


How did you get your start in photography?

It started with a hobby and moved into working for an on-mountain photography company in Park City, UT after we met at a previous employer. After a couple seasons of doing that we started our own company back in Spokane, WA.

We built it slowly and deliberately, each season taking on more work than the season before until we reached our capacity. Throughout the entire process we kept our day jobs and quit only once we reached enough of an income to live on. That took four years.




The Great Debate: Canon/Nikon/Sony

Canon. All of the major brands have things they’re better at, but Canon is where our lens investment is. Barring any major advantage with switching that’s likely where we’ll stay.

One Piece Of Advice For Someone Just Starting Out

Don’t go into it thinking you’re just going to be taking photos. We spend only 5-10% of our time doing the actual photography. The rest is a mix of everything else: bookkeeping, editing, marketing, pricing, order fulfillment, correspondence, budgeting, etc.



How Long Have You Been Photographing

Professionally, we’re in our 8th year, but the hobby goes back long before that.


Favorite Thing To Photograph

It’s different for each of us. I, (Ryan) love engagement sessions while Amy’s favorite is high school seniors.

You Never Leave Home Without____?

Our iPads. Being able to check in on everything from anywhere we have a cell signal is freeing. We’re not tied to any specific location for a lot of what we do.


Favorite BRI Product

The Sierra Wedding  Album. We love a book with a full photo cover, and Sierra fits that perfectly. The weight and build of the book is just right for a wedding album.


Check out more of Amy and Ryan’s work on their website and on their blog.