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Specialty Shaped Stickers

Cline Photography Adairsville Georgia

Meet Alisha and Josh Cline, owners/photographers at Cline Photography in downtown Adairsville, Georgia. Alisha and Josh work as a team in their boutique studio. Working together gives their portraits an eclectic look and feel. Alisha is the main photographer while Josh masterminds creative lighting and second shoots. Both Alisha and Josh cultivate their creativity in other outlets. Josh is a professional musician, playing the bass guitar and singing vocals. Alisha paints and finds an alternative creative outlet in crafting.

Alisha and Josh are always look for unique ways to build brand identity in their community. Here is how they use our Specialty Shaped Stickers in branding.

During a late night brainstorm, we were thinking of ways to get our name into the hands of potential clients and a way to impress new and old clients.

It was summer time and we had a big shoot planned on one of the hottest days of August. Josh said, “Hey, how about our own branded water? We could have that on hand at the shoot, everyone will be thirsty and will grab a water from the cooler.”

We had some stickers we had ordered for our packaging and went to the local grocery store and bought a case of store brand spring water. We removed the label and stuck our stickers on the bottles. 

Specialty Shaped Stickers

Specialty Shaped Stickers by Black River Imaging

The reactions of our clients were phenomenal!

When our clients pull a bottle of water out of the cooler, the first thing they notice is our “Cline Photography”.  They said ” Wow! That’s pretty cool! That was probably expensive to have your name put on the bottle.”

Specialty Shaped Stickers

Specialty Shaped Stickers by Black River Imaging

It made the session special. We love the little details, we put a lot of effort into our clients experience with our studio.  The Specialty Shaped Stickers are a great way to add a little something extra to your brand that your clients will notice. 

What are you doing to expand your brand awareness? How will you use specialty shaped stickers in your business?

Are you using one of our products in a unique way in your business? Email what you are doing to elise@blackriverimaging.com