Shopping Spree Winners!

We are super excited to announce the winner of the $1000 BRI shopping spree  we announced on January 6th!

There were 443 entries for the $1000 BRI shopping spree and 430 entries for the $250 BRI shopping spree! Awesome turn out!

Anyone who had their badge scanned at our booth during ImagingUSA was automatically given a number corresponding with the order in which their badge was scanned. Those of you who entered via a picture, tweet or comment on the blog, were added to the list in no particular order.

We used the True Random Number Generator powered by to generate the numbers of the winners!

Drum roll please!!

And the WINNER of the $1000 BRI Shopping Spree is…….Fred Powell of Fredtography!

Congratulations Fred!

On to the $250 BRI Shopping Spree! Drum roll please!

And the winner of the $250 BRI Shopping Spree is….Allison Shamrell of Allison Shamrell Photography!

Congratulations Allison!

Didn’t attend ImagingUSA? Forgot to enter? Check back next month for another shopping spree! We are doing it all over again for WPPI!