Shooting Themed Weddings

harry potter themed wedding photos

Let’s face it, themed weddings can create some unique challenges for the photographer. What if it’s based on a theme you’ve never even heard of? Here are some ideas to help you shoot in harmony with whatever theme couples throw at you.

Harry Potter Themed Wedding Photo credit:  Kelly Clarke Photography.

harry potter themed wedding cake READ: If a book exists, try to read it. Actually, we’re going to be Yoda for a minute: There is no try. There is only do. You’ll get insight into the relationships and with that knowledge you’ll be able to create shots unique to the theme that everyone will fall in love with.


bride and groom with their wands

WATCH: Find out which they prefer, the books or the movie(s)/tv show. If they love the visual representation, this can help you when shooting since there may be certain angles native to the theme. The filmed version of the story can help when editing your images too, as lighting and color are often a
big part of the theme.

harry potter themed wedding shoes gryffindor and slytherinWEAR: Should I suit up? Yes, if asked. Don’t be a party pooper. If costume rental is required, include its cost in the contract. Of course, you’ll need to wear something that is comfortable and non-restricting. If a suitable costume isn’t at hand or you are a party pooper, all black is rarely the wrong choice.

(We realize some folks are indeed NOT party poopers and have some other perfectly legitimate reason for not suiting up. No shade.)

REMEMBER: Themed weddings offer a unique opportunity to market higher end Wall & Home Decor products to your customers. Consider a Folio Collection as an accompaniment to the album for a Dr. Who wedding. Perhaps a Metal Print would suit a Steam-punk wedding. Acrylic Blocks are the perfect application for any magical theme like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or anything Disney.
a composite of bri's folio collection, metal print, and acrylic blocks

Themed weddings can be a place where you get to be a little more creative than tradition might allow at times. We say: Have a blast with it!

See more of this beautiful Harry Potter Wedding at the the photographer’s website: Kelly Clarke Photography.