The Secret of Selling Albums with Gene Ho

Here’s an interesting factoid. My studio sells approximately one album a week. That is one 10×10 – 20 page – Echo album. About one a week – average about 50 a year. What’s even more interesting about this – is that every one of these albums are an upsell. In other words… none of these albums were “pre-included” in our wedding packages. All were an upsell.

Gene's Mom and Dad Anniversary Album

How is it possible that we can sell so many of these albums?

There are two secrets we have:

1) You can never sell something for retail – that you’re not willing to buy for wholesale. This isn’t anything new. It’s old saying in sales. But it rings true. I sell a lot of BRI Echo albums – but I also personally own two of them. I designed my own wedding album and made it into a BRI album. And I bought it for myself. I paid for it myself. I also made an album for my mom and dad’s 50th Year Anniversary. I made an album for them as a gift – and I made a duplicate one for myself. Here’s the interesting thing… both of those albums are in my home. They are NOT sitting in my studio. Why? Because I live in my home. I like seeing those albums in my living room. Will my clients ever see them? No. But my staff can sell those albums because they know I personally believe in them. I’m an owner of them.

Gene Wedding Album

2) The second secret is the cap the number of pages. I cap the number of pages to 20. The reason why we do that is the minimum number of pages you can have is 20. I figure – I want to set a cost of this album at the lowest possible entry point. I like a low entry point – because I can tell our clients what the cost of the upgrade is – and that it is a 20 page album. As we design it – we usually go over 20 pages. When the album goes to 22 pages – we give them the first “extra” for free. But if it goes over 22 pages – we give them the option of buying extra pages. In all – you will sell with confidence if you own the product yourself. I personally own the BRI Echo Album. Add to that – use a set ENTRY LEVEL price point. When you buy a car – you might add the bells and whistles – but normally like to know what they are going to pay.

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