Recap WPPI 2012

Going into WPPI 2012 I was a little nervous. I’m not going to lie.

We had such a fantastic show last year. I kept wondering how are we going to top last year? What if this and what if that. Blah Blah Blah.  All those what if questions never do anyone any good.

Knowing now what I should have known going into WPPI brings a huge smile to my face, to all of our faces here at BRI.

We had a phenomenal show! But it was nothing special we did. It was ALL YOU! Yes, that’s right. Our show was phenomenal because of YOU! We are so appreciative of you!

The doors opened on Monday. Immediately the booth was filled with you! Some of you we met last year. Some of you we met for the first time. There were familiar faces, new faces, & excited faces. There were handshakes, hugs, pictures being taken. Online friends were meeting for the very first time. It was truly amazing. You made it happen for us! Thank you!

Enjoy the slideshow!