Profit Maker: Black River Imaging’s Companion Books

“Do you want fries with that?”

Ah… the classic fast food line. But do you care? And how many times have you personally thought… “…yeah… sure. Why not.”

And over the years – there have been many versions of it.

“Do you want to “super size” that order?”

“For .30 cents more – would you like to upgrade to the Venti?”

It’s simple. It’s non-obtrusive. And MOST OF ALL… it’s non-offensive.

It’s just a simple suggestion. Take-it or leave it. We get it… you’re going to buy are burger anyway. But by the way – would you like this…?

My question to you? In your photo studio – what is YOUR simple “Do you want fries with that – line?”

For starters – I embrace the fast food industry. My first job was as a Burger King employee.

Yep. My first job – sweeping parking lots at a Burger King.

My dad worked for and retired in the Burger King, Corp. system.

My son will work his first job in the fast food industry – promise you. Before my son ever sets foot working at my studio? He will learn hard work in a thank-less industry.

But maybe… just maybe? Can we as pro photographers learn something from this industry?

So how about it? What is your “Do you want fries with that?” – line?

What is your way of tacking on pure profit onto an order?

Mine is Black River Imaging’s “Companion Books.”

In short – you buy one of their qualifying flush mount wedding albums… and you have the option of buying two more companion albums for $70.

Ok…. the cost you? Technically nothing.

You already designed the album. You already did the hard lifting.

And you can go to your brides… “Hey… do you want two more companion albums $250?”

In one sentence – I have the potential of making $170. Granted – $250 is my number. I guess you can make more or less.

But this is the extras here. I don’t offer these as a part of any “official” wedding product. It’s a simple add-on at the end of the wedding process that – if they agree – will make us $170.

My brides can use this as a gift. Or – they can ask their parents IF they want an extra album for $125 (each).

Or – they can just say no. But if so? It’s no big deal. But you offer it and they can decide for themselves.