A Pro Photographer’s Guide to Choosing Wedding Books

When I initially started my business, Catherine Guidry Photography, everything was digital. I used a digital camera, uploaded the images to my computer, edited them digitally and transferred the images to the client online.

Over time I realized that a few things were happening:

1. When I delivered the images to my client, the images would stay on their computers.

– Aside from the few images they would upload to Facebook or change their profile photo to, the photos never saw the light of day. Nor did those they love most get to experience the images through a tangible means. I love my Photo Books from Black River Imaging because it takes the images off the computer and puts them in the hands of the people the client loves most. They see the memories in person, and this makes me happy.

2. If a client did opt to print the photos on their own, they’d use a sub-par company or lab to print them.

– I would show up to a wedding or see the images printed in a client’s home and cringe. Not only is this a poor representation of my business but it is not allowing them the full experience and enjoyment of professional imagery. As a professional photographer I believe it’s my job to deliver a high quality product from beginning to end. This means everything from planning and choosing outfits to editing and product fulfillment. The session photo books from BRI are a guarantee that I’ll be proud of the product in their hands. And that helps me sleep at night. :)

3. Products set the tone for a boutique style photography business.

– There’s an extra level of service that goes into product creation. Rather than just drop-boxing images to a client, I organize them, layout the photo book, process the order, and drop ship the order directly to the client. I would prefer to charge a little more and provide a thorough experience than stop after the creation and delivery of digital images. If a photographer is marketing themselves as a high-end photographer, I believe that photographer should provide a high-end experience including the final display of images.


black river imaging photo books with different colored fabric covers several examples of black river imaging's photo books open and closed

photo book open with a gift tag that says "for you"


It took me awhile to find the photography books that felt right for me; but this is what convinced me THESE books were the one:

EASE OF CREATION:  Black River Imaging’s ROES ordering program is super easy to use. I basically upload, drag and drop all of the images…and then do a little bit of tweaking before ordering.

COVER MATERIAL: The fabric line Black River Imaging uses is especially what sold me! Specifically, I use oatmeal for my books and I love the classic, fine art feel of it! I’ve seen variations of a “linen fabric”; but this particular color was exactly what I was looking for. In addition, Black River Imaging’s price point is about 40% less than other books that have a similar look and feel.

PRINT QUALITY:  The look of the prints is super duper important. Because, what’s a high quality book without high quality prints?! The standard non-hinged page is my “go-to” option for session books. It is classic and looks great for bridals, engagements, or wedding day photos.

TURNAROUND TIME: Let’s be honest. We ALL hate waiting on products. But what is even worse, is having our clients wait on products. That is a huge reflection on our own personal brand and brand experience. These photography books are not only quick to create on my end but my lab prints them in 4-5 days and drop ships them to my clients! So, in total with production AND shipping it is only 1-2 weeks until they receive their product…Perfection!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Working with a lab that will really work with you can make all the difference! Every time I call with a question or make a mistake on an order Black River Imaging never hesitates to make the process stress free. They are incredibly accommodating and always open to making their company and their products better.


open photo book picturing a couple's engagement photos

cloe-up of the spines of 3 fabric covered photo books

open photo book stacked on top of 2 closed photo books


One thing I didn’t touch on yet was that Black River Imaging also offers both hinged and non-hinged books! I personally use the standard non-hinged but absolutely LOVE the way the hinged books lay flat and allow the viewer to experience the entire spread!
Featured below is the standard non-hinged:


close up shot of non-hinged pages in a black river imaging photo book


 This is the hinged or lay-flat book:


close-up shot of hinged lay-flat photo book by black river imaging


This is a side-by-side comparison below. These are the same size books with the exact same images; the only difference is the binding.


side by side comparison of non-hinged and hinged photo books

For questions about these books or any products, feel free to reach out to Black River Imaging’s customer service center. They are always there to help. In addition, I am also more than happy to answer any questions from a wedding photographer’s point of view!



While studying architecture, Catherine Guidry discovered an even greater love for documenting the world around her via photography. She specializes in weddings in order to stay creative with REAL, raw moments. See more of Catherine's amazing work at her website.