The Power of Product

Black RIver Imaging photo books

Products…both their permanence and presence have completely transformed my business. In an age of such strong digital prominence, I’ve really found it important to provide a professional product for every session and every wedding to my clients.

When I first began photographing weddings, the focus was around the service of shooting and the digital files (and  even digital files were provided via  download link.) Now, I’ve completely converted to (what I believe is) a more professional service to my clients: the inclusion of products (even my digital files are now delivered via USBs.)

Sadly, what’s happening with most digital-oriented sessions is that the files sit on either the USB or the client’s computers, never being shared or displayed.

My clients have made the decision to invest in their photography. They’ve spent time, money and effort to have beautiful imagery and I want their friends and family to be able to enjoy the photographs as well!!!

Black RIver Imaging Photo Books

For my clients that are choosing to purchase the digital images, they’re now making that investment primarily for the purpose of archiving. By providing the products to them professionally, I’m eliminating the effort and the headache on their end of having to find a way to create their own books.

I’m now fulfilling my duty as a professional to provide them with beautiful, long-lasting products to display their images!

Black RIver Imaging Photo Books

Images shown on the computer are nice but images printed and held as a tangible object are the epitome of perfection.

High quality products are truly  the best form of seeing engagements, bridals, or wedding day images. I love having the honor of documenting these moments and then displaying them in a way that’s enjoyable for others to see.

The images below are the Photo Books from Black River Imaging that I offer to my clients. My particular favorite covers include these new linen fabrics. They include: a 4×6 book in Light Gray fabric cover with non-hinged standard paper; an 8×8 book in Light Pink fabric cover with hinged (lay flat) linen paper; and an 8.5×11 book in Oatmeal fabric cover with hinged (lay flat) standard paper.  They’re high quality, absolutely gorgeous and perfect for my wedding product line.

Black RIver Imaging Photo BooksBlack RIver Imaging Photo BooksBlack RIver Imaging Photo BooksBlack RIver Imaging Photo BooksIf you’re interested in acquiring more information about these products, feel free to comment or email me: be sure to hop on over to Black River Imaging’s website for even more specific details and ordering information!

While studying architecture, Catherine Guidry discovered an even greater love for documenting the world around her via photography. She specializes in weddings in order to stay creative with REAL, raw moments. See more of Catherine’s amazing work at