POST: Correct Retouch Design


Let’s say the average number of images shot in an 8 hour wedding is 1500, it could be more or it could be less. Once the wedding is over, how long will it take you to download your cards, back up your raw images, cull the images, create a Lightroom catalog, color correct all the images, covert to jpg, do your extra retouching on them to have the images ready for the bride and groom? 4, 6 or 8 hours? More time or less time?

8 hours post production time on your 8 hour wedding?  An hour of post for every hour of shooting. Sound fair? Great!

How many of you dread the post production? I know I do! I dread sitting waiting for the images to process so I can then start a batch action of portraiture. I would rather be out shooting than spending 8+ hours on post production after a wedding! That’s why we all got in to this business, isn’t it? To shoot not to sit behind a computer!

This is where POST  comes in!

POST gives you your life back after a wedding, event or portrait session! No more being chained to the desk and computer! More free time = more time to book and shoot sessions!

You are probably thinking, ‘This is too good to be true! Less screen time, more shooting time. NO WAY!’

Oh Yes Way!

Here is how it works:



POST has several options for you to choose from. They will select the keepers for you, file prep, file renaming, correction services (basic and signature), correction add ons, and enhancements. You can choose to use all of their services or only one! Totally customizable to your workflow.

In addition to their correction services, POST offers Album Design!!!

With three styles to choose from, Traditional, Clean & Modern, and Contemporary, there is something for everyone. Free yourself from being a slave to album design. You will thank yourself later!

If you are ready to get out from in front of the computer and shoot more, give POST a try. Tell them we sent you!