Photoshop How To: Run A Batch Action

Photoshop Batch Action Tutorial

If you have ever sat in front of your computer and thought, ‘There has got to be a faster way to run this action on ALL these images!’, then this tutorial is for you!

Running a batch action is a time saver that should be incorporated in your workflow. You will be freed up to update your blog, place orders, return phone calls or even just sit back and relax!  Let’s get started!

How to run a batch action:

1). Open Photoshop.

2). Go to File, then down to Automate, and to Batch.


3). Click on Batch

4). A new window opens up. Here you select the Set of Actions you want to choose from as well as the specific action you want to run.


5). Next choose your source of images. In this example, We are choosing a folder of images.


6). Now choose the specific folder of images. Locate the folder on either your hard drive, desktop or external hard drive. Then go down to ‘destination’ and choose what folder you want the manipulated images to be saved in.


7). This next step is very crucial to being able to walk away from your computer while the batch runs. Click the box next to ‘Override Action “Save As” Commands’. Select Override Action “Save As” Commands if you want the Save As instructions from the Batch command instead of the Save As instructions in the action. If you select this option, the action must contain a Save As command because the Batch command will not automatically save the source files.


8). Click OK.


Your action should be running at this time. You will see your images open one at a time, action applied, then close and repeat with a new image.

10). Grab your Cup of Joe and RELAX!