Photoshop How To: Easy Panoramas And Wrapping

There have been times when designing a flush mount wedding album, I wanted to use a particular image as a panorama and the image I wanted to use was shot too tight. When free transforming in Photoshop to stretch it across the entire page, something gets cut off. Maybe it’s the feet, or the brides hands or her flowers. It is frustrating! I sit there and think to myself, “Why o why did I shoot this so tight? I should have taken a step back! UGH! (palm to forehead)’.

Have you ever thought these same thoughts before? Or maybe something similar?

Our friends at Fundy Software have a wonderful video tutorial on how to stretch backgrounds for panoramas and for gallery wraps. Take the next 5 minutes to learn this simple Photoshop technique!

Head over to the Fundy Software YouTube Channel for more great tutorials!

Happy Stretching!