Natalie Licini on The Art of Storytelling

Believe it or not, Natalie’s education and training in photography started when she worked on Wall Street. Having a finance background and economics degree from New York University not only helped Natalie build a thriving business, but it gave her the tools and support to focus on her art. She continues to travel the world to study with some of the greatest masters in the photography industry and never stops reading whether it’s a photography book or marketing and sales books or fiction.

Some of Natalie’s early challenges were navigating the technical aspects of photography since she didn’t go to school for photography. Natalie also had challenges with pricing and valuing her services. After she rebranded her business in 2011, Natalie dropped the number “one” in front of items on her price list. Eight by tens were no longer $29, they were $129. It was scary, and she encountered resistance at first.

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