Use Music to Supercharge Your Sales

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Did you know that social media users are 5 times more likely to share a video or slideshow with music compared to a single image? Did you also know that the emotional power of music can help you sell bigger packages of prints, books and albums?

Here are great ways to supercharge your photography sales: 

Set the stage with a 3-D online album preview

Black River Imaging has partnered with Triple Scoop Music to offer free original music in BRI’s album ordering software, Cascade. Get a 3-D preview of your album as you build it in Cascade. Then, create a preview file for your client that includes a soundtrack from Triple Scoop Music – no licensing, no hassle! We’ve found that adding a great soundtrack creates more emotion and excitement, inspires sales and can even help reduce the number of revision requests for albums.

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Energize “behind-the-scenes” content

Create behind-the-scenes (“BTS”) slideshows or videos with uplifting music to show your clients how much fun they’ll have working with you! This is an excellent way to stand out and showcase what makes your business unique. Include on-screen testimonials from happy customers and let your personality and passion for photography shine. Post these BTS videos on your website, blog, YouTube and on your Facebook business page. These days, Facebook and Youtube are the best places to find new customers.

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Here’s a great example of a behind-the-scenes video that has more than 1.4 million views featuring artist Ben Von Wong using a soundtrack from Triple Scoop Music. 

Close more in-person sales presentations

The right music can create the perfect emotional environment to inspire your clients. Creating a “multi-sensory” environment with music + images will help you close more sales. Have music playing in the background when clients and customers visit your studio. And start every presentation with a 2-3 minute slideshow with great music to create excitement for your work. 

Create portfolio presentations for potential clients

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Sending a short “demo video” directly to potential clients can help you book more sessions. Match the energy of your images to the perfect soundtrack and you’ll be sure to make a powerful impact. 

Present “same-day” videos or slideshows

Present a “same day” slideshow at a wedding reception, photo session or live event. It’s a huge way to thrill your clients (along with all of their guests) and build referrals. This approach works wonders for generating new business, so bring lots of extra business cards! 

Freebies & savings to supercharge your sales

Download the FREE Tip Sheet on how to boost sales with music. Or get access to thousands of songs by opening your free account at Use discount code BLACKRIVER to save 10% on your music purchase (code expires 10/01/16, limit 1 use per account).




Cofounder and CEO of Triple Scoop Music, the world’s leading music licensing service for creative professionals. Great music can supercharge the style, soul and energy of your videos and Roy is passionate about helping photographers, filmmakers and video creators find the perfect soundtrack for every project. He is also an award-winning musician & producer and the recipient of multiple Telly Awards for recent film and video projects.