Memories As Decor

vintage photos in a 4th of July setting

Independence Day is traditionally the time for family picnics and cookouts, grandma’s potato salad, Auntie Barb’s fruit pies and several folks holding council over a smoking grill. Gathering around the table on any holiday is the perfect opportunity to catch up on current events, exchanging the details of each other’s busy lives.

vintage photos mounted on acrylic blocks in a 4th of july decor setting

Something about the food and fellowship inevitably brings about reminiscing of holidays past. These memories surely include those souls who are today with us in spirit only. How very lucky we are to live in a time when we can preserve those faces and memories in photographs to keep our loved ones present in our hearts and minds.


vintage photos mounted on acrylic blocks on a 4th of july picnic table

The simple elegance of Acrylic Photo Blocks make them the perfect accouterments for any holiday table no matter the chosen image. The charm of vintage photos is amplified by the inch-thick acrylic making them a truly precious keepsake. (Their heft makes them a useful tool for keeping a tablecloth or other things from taking flight with the wind, too!)

Though our Acrylic Photo Blocks will definitely be the show-stopper, keep in mind the other stationery and gift items to include in your decorations and tablescape.

collage of stationery items to create a 4th of July tablescape including acrylic tray, paper placemats, paper coasters

You’ll rank right up there with Martha Stewart with the gorgeous look of your party!

Other Featured Products

Left:: “Happy 4th” bunting created from 5×5 LOFT Double-Thick Ornaments, and 11×17 Acrylic Tray

Upper Right: 3×3 Triple-Thick LOFT Coasters

Bottom Right: 11×17 Tear-Off Paper Placemats

As a gift to you, Dear Reader, we’ve made all the designs for our featured products available for you to download for free.