Making post-production workflow spell P-R-O-F-I-T

Workflow: Work Smart, Shoot More from Spencer Boerup on Vimeo.

When you hear the words “post-production workflow” do you audibly groan? For most photographers, it means HOURS of downloading shots, combing through them, editing the keepers and designing an album.

Well we’ve come across a neat DVD called Workflow. It was created by Spencer Boerup and Tony Hoffer after hearing their fellow photographers lament that post-production was eating into their bottom line.

We got the scoop from Spencer:

You’ve consulted with many photographers. What’s their #1 post-production hang-up?

The biggest road block is the culling phase: you’ve shot 2000 images and now you need to choose which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. If you don’t have a solid workflow, it can be a time-intensive process that you end up dreading.

Give us a benchmark. Just how efficient is your own workflow?

After a wedding shoot, for example, I can take 2300 images from my Canon 5D mark2 at full raw (about 50GB of data) and import them to my computer, cull my favorites, process them in Lightroom and design an album that’s ready for print in 4-5 hours.

Wow. What’s your secret?

I consider myself a power user, meaning I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts in applications like Lightroom and Indesign. These shave off a ton of time. And when I cull, I purposely shrink my Lightroom window down so I can choose photos based on my gut reaction. For me, expression trumps everything even if a photo’s not quite in focus. Minimizing my preview screen lets me make snap decisions without being distracted by the details.

In our opinion, what makes Workflow different from other DVDs is its project-based focus across multiple apps. There are plenty of tips but they’re carefully edited to help you stay efficient even while you learn. Most importantly, you learn the rationale behind workflow decisions. Like the old adage, it’s the difference between giving a man a fish or teaching him how to fish.

If you’re itching for *FREE* tips, Spencer and Tony have started a Workflow blog to highlight stuff they couldn’t fit in the DVD. Enjoy!

We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment and let us know how you’ve tamed (or wrestled with!) your own workflow.

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