‘Just A Second 2012’ Photographer Kent Frost’s Life In One Second Clips

Kent Frost, BRI employee and owner of Kent Frost Photography is making the news with his 6 minute 29 second film of 1 second shots from everyday of his life in 2012.

Not only do you get a glimpse into Kent’s life, with frequent trips to Kum N Go, you also relive major events of 2012, like the Mayan Apocalypse and the transit of Venus.

Kent tells us “Well, I originally saw something similar online the year before and saw how easy it would be to do my own. It was fun, kept me on my toes trying to keep up with it every day. I’m hoping this year will provide some more exciting results, more camping, more swimming, more friends…but less Kum N’ Go.”

Watch closely, there are shots of BRI in the film!

Stay tuned! Kent is working on another ‘Just A Second’ film for 2013!