Ike & Tash Newest Addition To Featured Artists

We are so excited to have recently expanded our Featured Artists team to include Ike & Tash Haynes (and Miss Wisdom)! Watch their video, read their interview and help us in giving them an excited BRI welcome!

Ike & Tash Photography + Motion

How long have you been shooting pro?

We have been shooting professionally since 2010 but have always had an interest in photography. Latasha first picked up a camera in 2003 while studying abroad in Europe – she documented her adventure cross the country with a Minolta film camera. Isaiah always made videos with his friends, so there was a long history of interest in visual arts. In the fall of 2009, Latasha decided to learn to shoot manually and early the next year, Isaiah joined. What was a hobby quickly turned pro and a business was born that May.

Describe your education and training in photography.

We are students of YouTube University, CreativeLive online sessions, hundreds of dollars in photography books and a ton of trial and error. We are the result of hours upon hours of practicing until it hurts; fall on your face type – education and late not chats with people who are much more talented then we are and the wisdom of their mistakes.

What challenges did you face early in your career?

The most challenging thing in photography for us is not to compare ourselves to the work of others. You compare yourselves up and you feel like your less then, you compare yourself down and then you think your better than everyone – so its best to focus on being the best you can be and competing against yourself to be the best you can be. Its easy to feel discouraged because there’s so much talent in the industry AND NOT ONLY THAT, but its so subjective, so what we like or who likes us may not be what others like or what would cause another person to hire us. Knowing who you are and why you do what you do and who your clients are and staying focused on that.

What is your secret to balancing your photography business and your personal life?

We have yet to find that secret, yet, our photography business and our personal life kind of collide together. The reality is that real life is happening at our house every day, all the time. We have a small baby so diapers are being changed, laundry is being washed, phone calls and Skype sessions are all happening while wiping boogers and editing. Family and family time is important to us too and we value it, which is why we have chosen to include our daughter Wisdom in every part of our business, she comes to client meetings and sessions (where appropriate) and we invite people into our life. Our world is real and its full of teething toys and spilled milk, but in the midst of all of this, we are happy! We are most happy that we don’t clock into a job and that when important events come up we can go for it no question. We are doing what we love and we love the way we do it BUT our world does stops every Thursday night for ABC’s hit show “Scandal” – so that makes it perfect!

Define your photography style.

We love bold, clean and bright fashion forward portraiture that reflects urban environments with modern twists, so when shooting we look for locations and poses that reflect that.

What inspires your artistically (a person, place, movie, you name it!)? –

Isaiah: I am inspired by movies and magazine ads, my favorites are GQ, Gucci and I really enjoy cologne ads – things that tell a story in a single image.

Latasha: I am inspired by fashion. I love clothing and the way it looks and falls on a person – so often fashion ads and campaign inspire and draw my attention. I also really love eras of history. Anything out of the 60s and 70s and the retro modern movement really excites me.

When going into a session what motivates you?

Creating a session that is fun, high energy and reflects strong images that a client can come to love and cherish over time. Secondary to that is challenging ourselves to work harder creatively and technically to push ourselves to the next level.

When working with your clients, how do you evoke the perfect expression or pose?

Knowing our clients and why they came to us for pictures is a huge part of getting them to do what we need to get pictures. We pride ourselves on relationship and being relational with the people we serve. We want to provide an experience and make our clients feel that they are being taken care of. When clients are able to let their wall down and forget that they are at a portrait session, they feel like they are with their friends. When your with your friends you don’t have to evoke expression or pose – it just happens – the communication is there and you feel safe to enjoy your session. We work to create a experience that far outweighs the act of taking a picture – when that is accomplish, magic happens.

What business tips would you give the new photographer?

Be responsible in business. Value the work that others have put in before you and do the same for your own education. Don’t compare up or down, know that your work is yours and that what you do and create for your clients can only be accomplished through you. Learn to price yourself correctly and understand that time is far more important than any dollar you could ever make doing this work and, lastly, learn quick books and hire a great accountant who knows what they are doing so you have an accurate account of the effectiveness so of your business.