High School Senior Folio Collection Templates

The Folio Collection is a versatile product. Originally, developed for the Glamour and Boudoir niches, the Folio Collection is becoming wildly popular across all photography niches.

Folio Collection

The High School Senior niche is the perfect market for the Folio Collection. High school seniors love unique personalized products that really show their personalities. The benefit of the Folio Collection is complete control of personalization and customization. Perfect for the high school senior who craves uniqueness and independence.

Folio Collection Boxes

This month we are giving you 4 Folio Box and matching Folio Print designs created for the high school senior niche! Download the templates, drop in your images, and enjoy 10% off your entire order with   PROMO CODE : DLSNR15*.


Folio Prints
*Promo Code DLSNR15 is valid for 10% off entire order, limit one use per customer account. Applies to Folio Collection Prints, Boxes and Photographic Prints. Valid on Web and in BRI ROES softwares. Expires 9/30/15

Senior Folio Collection Designs (434 downloads)

Images courtesy of Amanda Reed