Give the Gift That Stands Out Among Generic Holiday Presents

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So many generic gifts are exchanged during the holiday season. Baked goods, gift sets, gift cards, ties,
the list goes on and on. But how do you find the right gift for that special someone that will stand out?
Simple. Give the gift of memories with a customized photo book.

Creating a photo book is fun and easy. Gathering the images for your project is a lot simpler than youmay originally think. With so much photo sharing on the internet, visiting social network sites such as Facebook, Instagram and more will help you find the perfect images for any photo book theme.*

While every photo book is different, we’ve provided some ideas to jump start your creativity.

High School or College Career

Re-live the fun of an academic career through pictures. Formal dances, sorority or fraternity events, spring breaks and of course football games are all memories any student will want to hold on to forever. Great for the recent graduate.

Family Vacations

Everyone wishes their family vacations could last forever. Hold on to those special excursions, bonding moments and once in a life time experiences forever. Make your own adventure books featuring your family. Prefect for the busy mom or dad.

Wedding Albums

Nearly every married couple has a wedding album. But what about the events leading up to the big day? Capture the excitement of engagement parties, wedding showers, dress shopping, bachelorette parties and more. This gift is especially delightful for newlyweds.

Couple Selfies

Everyone has that couple in their social network newsfeed that is always posting selfies. If that couple is on your holiday gift list, surprise the camera friendly couple with a photo book full of their infamous selfies.

A customized photo book is something that can be enjoyed for a lifetime and even passed down to the next generation to enjoy as well. Don’t give a generic gift this year, give a gift they’ll remember.  Give the gift of memories with a photo book customized just for them.

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