Genesis Workshop 2012


We are so excited to be sponsoring the Genesis Workshop March 20-22, 2012 in Las Vegas this year! The instructors are phenomenal as well as the location! A private residence with a private chef! Check out the interview I had with Spencer Boerup about Genesis and all the workshop has to offer!

1). What is Genesis? What makes it different from all the other workshops out there?

Genesis is a workshop that focuses on creating well-rounded photographers. We pulled together instructors to teach in the areas that are their specific specialties, rather than having one or two photographers try to teach it all. By allowing each instructor to focus on teaching their strengths, it ensures that the students are getting the most out of each topic covered. Whether in creative areas or technical ones, we also bring a hands-on approach that not only affords the students one-on-one time with each instructor, but does so in a way that encourages a personal understanding of the subject, as opposed to rotating through pre-setup scenarios and giving them everything on a silver platter. We’re not a portfolio building workshop. That’s not to say you won’t walk away with amazing images from the time you spend with our models. Just that the goal of the three days is to give you a true education and not a handful of website images to show off.  We are passionate about helping you become better photographer!

2). What will the attendees learn from you?

The hope is that attendees will learn how to challenge themselves to think more broadly, to work more efficiently and to build better relationships with the clients that find themselves in front of the lens. From the creative process, to the editing, all the way to delivering with integrity, we want to help the Genesis students have the confidence and know-how they need in order to do it all with excellence.  But, specifically for me, I will be focusing my attention on lighting and portrait sales.  I cover a little more in depth about my philosophies and approach to these subjects on my blog.

Lighting is the one thing that can make or break a good portrait. It’s the music of a movie–it can make a really bad movie seem better than it is (Pirates of the Caribbean), or make a potentially great movie seem dull and unexciting. While most photographers understand the basics of operating off-camera lighting, far too many don’t understand the principles of good lighting.  I will teach you the fundamentals, the principles behind good lighting, and set you on a course that will allow you to understand how to light any situation or any subject.

Next, I’ll be teaching (as much as time will allow) how to effectively sell your artwork. I know a lot of photographers who don’t really like shooting portraits simply because they don’t make as much money as they can with a wedding. I think it’s simply because they haven’t found a way to best present their price lists, present the photographs, present your products, and how to effectively help their customers purchase the artwork that they hired you to create.  I average around $1900 for a senior portrait session (out of 70), and around $2800 for family portraits (out of 20) in 2011.  I think anyone can do it to, but most people haven’t the slightest clue on how its possible, and what they need to change to see an increase in their sales.  This is what I’m most excited to teach!

What is exciting about Genesis this year is we will be all staying in a ridiculously massive mansion.  This means that we’ll have more time to hang out at night and talk about whatever else is on the minds of students.  In years past, this meant lots of lost sleep and making TONS of new friends, and also the extra hours of insight and discussion from everyone attending.

3). Who else will the attendees be learning from?

To put it bluntly, students will be learning from others that are much cooler than me: Tony Hoffer , Sam Hassas and Jeff & Melanie Mansfield .  They are all incredibly successful, amazingly talented, and are some of the nicest, most gracious, and genuine people that I know.  They are great friends, and have a passion for teaching and helping others.  They also happen to be really good at photography and know how to teach it to others.  Each of them also wrote on their blogs about what they’ll be teaching at the event, but some of the areas of instruction include: branding, pricing, creativity, client interviews, group posing, and much more.  We’ll have individual portfolio critiques, branding critiques, and a few shoot-outs with models and all that fun stuff.  We pour our heart and soul into this workshop because we love seeing the light bulbs go off. We think you will, too.

4). Do attendees need years of experience to attend Genesis?

In years past, we’ve had those who hadn’t even started their business, all the way to high-end photographers in their own right, who are just looking to shore up the loose ends that have kept them from being where they want to be.  Most importantly, students need a desire to learn and improve their photography.  Because we group students based on their level of knowledge (so as to foster a comfortable environment that allows them to feel comfortable asking questions without feeling as though it’s too simple, or even to advanced, for those sitting around them), the only requirement is that they be moderately comfortable shooting in manual mode and have a basic understanding of their flash.

5.)  What equipment do attendees need to bring with them?

Their camera, a couple of lenses, a flash, and open mind and a willingness to forgo sleep.

6.)  When is the workshop?

Genesis will be held March 20-22, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This will be the 3rd and final Genesis chapter and we are going out with a bang, Vegas style!  This year we have included all room & board in 3 luxurious mansions, and all meals prepared by our private chefs as well.  We are super excited to be all staying under one roof this year!

For more information on the workshop, head over to the Genesis website!