The End Game…..

Late last week, Amanda Reed  posted a few thoughts in our Facebook group, Black River Landing.  Her thoughts were so profound, I felt they needed to be shared with the entire world.

‘The End Game………..

When you are preparing for a session there may be something you are taking for granted. The END GAME. I know it is easy for me to become so focused on clothing choices, location, lighting, composition and relationship building that I take my eye off of the end game and the end game is where we make our money.

I want you to think about approaching your session from the sales room. Everything will end there. They will choose wall portraits, specialty products and perhaps book a seasonal session with you at this time. Begin shooting for the end game. When you are photographing remember when framing up that shot, it is not all about this moment. It is about the moment guests will be entering our clients home 50 years from now and seeing the art you captured for their family.

I believe that if we begin to focus on the sale during the session we will see those numbers increase. Are you shooting for an album in the product line up? Think about flow and color harmony. Make sure your post processing is fluid throughout the design. Maybe your are shooting for a wall grouping. Begin to think about your vertical and horizontal images and the design of the final presentation. By shooting for what we sell in the order session we give ourselves the upper hand. Do not enter your sales session blindsided. Do not begin to figure out product and album design when you are in your office, instead begin to work those out in your mind while you are photographing. :)

Here is to huge sales and profits for us all!’

Are you shooting for The End Game?