Fundy Wedding Suite Review

Fundy Designer product review

For many photographers, album design, blogging and image branding had become a tedious process. It takes time, a lot of time, to design a wedding album and to create all the pieces necessary for a blog covering your latest wedding. Not only is album design and blogging a time suck, it has meant multiple pieces of software to complete these business building tasks. Album design, blog collages and branding your images can now be complete in one, yes I said one, piece of software with Fundy Designer.

With Fundy Designer, you now have the ability to build album layouts, create your blog collages and brand your images all in one piece of software!

Fundy Designer’s Album Builder has revolutionized album design!

Yes, I said it. Fundy Designer’s Album Builder has revolutionized album design!  Album design no longer means sitting at the computer for hours on end painstakingly putting together an album from scratch in Photoshop or some other piece of software. Album design now means grouping together the images you want on a page, dragging the images to the layout and BAM! the page is designed. Want to switch the images around? Just click to shuffle the images around with in the current design or click to open the layout in the quick design picker!

Album design now means from start to finish in less than 30 minutes. Album design now means more free time to schedule more sessions. Album design means more profit in your pocket. Building albums with Fundy Album Builder will make you fall in love with albums all over again!


Image Brander and Blog Collage!

Who remembers the days of scanning in your logo or importing your logo into Photoshop and creating a brush of your logo so you could brand all your images for the web? So time consuming to ‘stamp’ or brand each and every image every time you want to upload it to the web or a social media outlet. But then we got smart and automated the process with an action! Woo Hoo! This was better but still not perfect.

Enter Fundy!

Fundy Designer has recently been updated to incorporate Image Brander and Blog Collage! Do you know what this means to you?!?! It means no more Photoshop brushes. It means no more actions. All you have to do is import your current logo into Fundy Designer! It means Fundy Designer is now a one stop shop for protecting your online presence. In our digital world, it is important to brand your images with your logo and unique style. Check out this blog post on adding Image Brander and Blog Collage into your current workflow. It is so easy.  You won’t be sorry you did.


Fundy On Sale!

Now that you are no longer scared of or dreading album design and protecting your images online is a cinch, hurry over to Fundy’s store and purchase the Wedding Suite while it is on sale!

Need help getting started with the Wedding Suite? Check out Fundy’s Video Tutorials!