Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions and The Folio Collection

Fresh 48 baby photography

The most precious moments in the lives of new parents occur in the first 48 hours of the baby’s life. A miracle has taken place. Mom has brought this bundle of joy into our world. Life has changed for the better. This baby represents hope, love, a new journey.

What better way to remember these first precious moments than with a Fresh 48 session?

The concept behind Fresh 48 sessions is you, the photographer, schedule the session fall within the baby’s first 48 hours of life. Most Fresh 48 sessions take place in the hospital. These sessions are shot all available light and are a lifestyle session. Image ideas include but not limited to: mom and dad interacting with baby, mom and baby, dad and baby, baby and baby feet, hands, hair, nose. If siblings, grandparents or great grandparents are visiting, then by all means include them in shots. These are important images to have.

Why a session in the first 48 hours and why at the hospital?

Simply put mom and dad are relaxed. They have not yet gone home to the reality that they are 100% responsible to this beautiful creation. At this point, mom and dad can still send baby to the nursery while then grab some much needed sleep. People are visiting and helping the new parents out with things like feedings and diaper changes. Plus, baby is still all wadded up and sleepy.

Mom and dad are still in awe of what they have created. It is this awe, this feeling of excitement and wonderment, that is so easily captured while still in the hospital.

Fresh 48 newborn toes photography

Great idea. But what product(s) do I sell with this concept?

The Folio Collection is the perfect product to include in this session. First, the Folio Collection box makes a wonderful keepsake box where mom can put her hospital bracelet, the baby’s hospital bracelet and the box has the baby’s first pictures in it too. Second, the Folio Collection can be sold as a ‘add more as you go’ product. Newborn session completed in hospital and images are already in the box. At the 6 month session, add Folio Prints to the Folio Box from that session. Repeat with future sessions.

Mom and dad can personalize this keepsake even more by writing letters to their unborn child and including those letters on the backside of the Folio Prints. This idea is also great for Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.

Another idea is to customize the Folio box cover with an image from the newborn session, the baby’s name and date of birth. The more personalized the Folio Collection becomes the more your clients will view it as a one of a kind must have product.

Fresh 48 newborn photography


How do I price the Folio Collection and the Fresh 48 Session?

Pricing is always tricky. Of course, you will need to take into consideration your cost of goods sold. Once you know what your cost of goods sold is pricing is easy. Our suggestion is to make this decision as easy as possible on the parents to be. Offer the session and the Folio Collection as a bundle. One price for both the session fee and the cost of the product. For example, if your session fee is $100 and you have determined the price that covers your cost of goods sold and offers a profit to be $400 for the Folio Collection, then the bundle price will be $500.

There really is no need to have the parents pay the session fee and hope they will buy something after the baby is born. Treat this session/product bundle concept like a wedding package, get paid up front. We all know once mom and dad and baby go home, disposable income is being used to buy diapers, wipes and cute little outfits!

Fresh 48 newborn photography


Free download!

We are so in love with the Fresh 48 session that we are giving you FREE templates to use with your sessions. All files are psd’s designed to our Folio Collection specs and are completely customizable. Click the link to download!

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A special Thank You to Autumn Branscome of Autumn Branscome Photography for the use of her Fresh 48 images in this post.

* the FRESH48 promo code expires 6/30/15 and is valid in ROES and web ordering only.