The Folio Collection – Marketing for the Seasons

Every season is inspiring in its own way, but spring especially gives us the chance to see the incomparable beauty of new life. Whether it’s a newborn session, senior, or family portrait session, spring is a time when we emerge from the studio to take full advantage of the warmer temps, burgeoning backdrop, and gorgeous natural light of the season.

photo displaying the features of the folio collection prints and box

A Year-Round Customer Collaboration

The changing seasons offer you a naturally occurring marketing campaign for our Folio Collection. It’s the perfect “add on” photographic product that creates ongoing client engagement all year long. At $7.00 each Folio Collection Prints are so reasonably priced you could perhaps offer them as gifts for your customers.

Something For Everyone

Folio Collection Boxes come in 3 sizes with 6 depths per size and there are several cover type choices to fit any taste, occasion, or decor so you can create a truly unique and personal item for each and every customer. Folio Collection Prints are double-sided and press printed on luxurious, ultra-thick paper and cut to fit inside your folio box. We even offer the acrylic easel for ease of display.

The Folio Collection is so versatile you can let your imagination run wild with ways to incorporate this beautiful product into your current offerings. So let your marketing genie out of the bottle and offer your customers this valuable keepsake.