Fall in Love with Cascade!

Cascade is so intuitive, gorgeous and powerful you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated to try  it.

Do what you do already…but better. Do you design your own layouts? Drag and drop them quickly. Prefer to create on the fly? Test-drive different layouts page by page. See your photos, layouts and templates on a single screen not buried under separate tabs. Bundle books and albums in one order not two or three.

Try before you buy. Preview your book or album in 3-D as your build it. Flip through pages, experiment with layouts, swap brown leather for ivory crocodile. On a budget? Cascade automatically tallies your price as you add or delete options. Turn this feature off for client presentations.

Save time and worry by eliminating guesswork. Step through the order process so there are no surprises. No more wondering where the gutter will land or if the cover image wraps, if you picked matte instead of glossy or forgot the presentation box.

Cascade is free and available exclusively through Black River Imaging. Download it here.