Three Easy and New Ways You Can Share Your Photos With Everyone



Did you know that the first digital camera was invented by Steve Sasson, in 1975? Since then, camera technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. Digital technology quickly surpassed film as the preferred method of capturing photographs, and today, people can share photos with their friends across the country with just one click of a button.

When it comes to recording memories, some people still revert to the old way of doing things. They print out individual photos, get some tape, and start sticking them into albums and cards that they gradually shift or fall out of over time. Today, you can skip this step and get professional, beautiful looking products that seamlessly blend photography and media. Here are three different products you can use to showcase the pictures you of of your life, friends and family.

1. Photo Greeting Cards

Although most of us associate photo cards with the holidays, in fact, they can make a great form of communication any time of the year. Whether it’s an invitation to a first communion or bat mitzvah or an engagement announcement, photo cards allow you a way to personalize your greeting. Instead of having to insert photos into card after card, most printing services offer to make professional looking greeting cards using your photo. They can even overlay text on it.

photo greeting cards

Personalized Photo Greeting Cards

2. Professional Photo Albums

Everyone’s parent or grandparent has a photo album they’ll pull out from time to time. The photographs have gone yellow with age, and the carefully arranged captions and notes will move sideways or gather in a heap at the bottom of the plastic page. Today, many people are opting instead for custom photo albums that come with the photos already printed on each page, with typed descriptions or captions. Professional photography wedding albums are popular for couples who want something they’ll enjoy showing friends and family.

image of wedding albnum

Mosaic Wedding Albums

3. Canvas Photo Prints

Since photographs were conventionally flat and shiny in nature, it was fairly customary to stick them into a photo frame and leave them on the table. Today, though, many people are looking for ways to make their favorite photographs more easy-to-spot and long lasting. One way to have a quality looking piece is to get canvas photo prints. The photos are printed right onto cloth canvas and mounted, for an art-inspired look that’s perfect for any room of your house — and also makes a great gift.

bride and groom on a personalized canvas wrap

personalized photo canvas Wrap

Have you looked at professional photography wedding albums, personalized photo greeting cards, or canvas photo prints as a way to preserve your images?