Do you Rebookü?

Are you a high school senior shooter? Do you dread selling books and albums because of the design time? Enter Rebookü, a press printed book and flush mount album layout design company, aimed at saving you time, getting you out from in front of the computer and back behind the camera!

As a high school senior professional photographer, one of my main goals is to improve our professional studio productivity by reducing the time I spend at the computer and increase my time in front  of the camera. Though our company is very efficient with retouch and editing, what has become an increasingly larger issue for us is book and album design. One of our largest selling items to our senior clients is our coffee table books. Even with the aid of pre-designed templates, I still find it takes me at least an hour to insert my client’s images into the templates before uploading to the lab. During our busy season I am committing 15-20 hours a week to album and book design. I knew I couldn’t be the only one dealing with this time consuming problem so I began reaching out to several of my photography friends around the country and found I wasn’t alone. Many other professional photographers are also having the same problems, or worse yet, they aren’t able to offer albums to clients due to the amount of design time involved. Shortly after our new found discoveries, my wife Shannon and I began looking at ways to make not only our life easier, but photographers from around the country lives’ less stressful.

From this insight, rebookü was born. Rebookü, pronounced ree-boo-koo, stands for retouch and books for you! This is the first company of its kind to be targeted specifically to high school senior photographers. Imagine having the ability to go to a website where all of an image’s needs can be covered by one company. Rebookü not only offers color correction and some amazing retouch services, but also features 5 of the top artistic actions from Brett Jarnigan’s Life. Camera. Actions! Even more exciting is the featured service of our book template service. Rebookü has brought on 4 of the top high school senior photographers in the country who have taken the time to design both boy and girl templates specific to rebookü. You now have the ability to have your images displayed in a book template from Blair & Suzanne Phillips, Ty & Shannon Fischer, Dan Frievalt or Kevin Hudson & Kaui Nichols. Standard pricing for a book template begins at $30 and includes 11 spreads, 22 sides and 30 images of your client. The process is simple and flawless, and the designs have been created so that they are universal lab application. You can choose spreads or sides, or better yet use our “turn-key solution” and for a small service fee plus the cost of the book we will upload your templates to our preferred lab, Black River Imaging. The finished book can be at your front door within a few days. We are featuring Black River Imaging’s hard photo cover 5×5, 8×8, 10×10 & 12×12 books as well as their canvas photo books in 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12.

Aside from the unique services offered at rebookü, the best possible customer service is provided. Not only do we offer email and phone support, but we also feature a live online chat feature and extremely powerful proofing software that will allow you to review your book template design, make revisions and/or additions prior to you receiving the final product. Let’s face it, mistakes are going to happen and our goal is to not only minimize any errors, but to make sure that corrections are made prior to receiving a final product.

So I gotta ask? Are you…Will you…Do you rebookü? Give us a try at It will change the way you do business and add freedom to your life.

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