It’s In The Details: The Folio Collection Box

Photo Presentation box

The Folio Collection box and Fine Art Folio Prints

The Folio Collection

The Folio Collection has proven to be an excellent addition to our product line up. Originally, the Folio Collection was released solely for the Glamour/Boudoir photographic market but soon permeated it’s way across all photographic niches as well as into the graphic designers and the Artist’s industries as a portfolio presentation box. This product is so popular that we want to show you why the Folio Collection should be a permanent fixture your product offering.

Fine Art Photo Presentation box

The Folio Collection used as an artist’s portfolio presentation box

The Folio Collection Boxes

Each and every Folio Collection Box is hand crafted to your order. We build your box to your specs: Type of Cover, Color of the liner and pull ribbon, the depth of the box, the size of the box and the number of Fine Art Folio Collection Prints. The Folio Collection Boxes are available in several different sizes: 5×7, 7×5, 8×10, 10×8, 11×14, and 14×11. The depths of the boxes will also vary depending on how many Folio Prints you want it to house:

10 Folio Prints is .75″ deep

15 Folio Prints is 1″ deep

20 Folio Prints is 1.25″ deep

25 Folio Prints is 1.5″ deep

You have the choice of wrapping your Folio Collection Box with one of 12 Premium Fabrics, four Faux Leathers, or customize it to the max with one of your own images and or designs on either a smooth photo cover or a canvas photo cover.

Chart of Premium Fabrics for The Folio Collection

Premium Fabric Cover Options for the Folio Collection

Chart of Faux Leathers for The Folio Collection

Faux Leather Options for The Folio Collection

Chart of Photo Covers for The Folio Collection

Photo Cover Options for The Folio Collection

The Folio Collection Box Additional Options

To further personalize your Folio Collection box, you have the choice of a black or white liner and pull ribbon, for easy lift out of the Fine Art Folio Prints. The pull ribbon color will match the color of the interior liner you choose.  Hidden magnetic stay tight  closures are a standard addition to The Folio Collection Box. The hidden magnetic stay tight closures prevent the box from opening when stood on it’s end.

Are you offering your clients a DVD of image files? Do you need a DVD of your most recent work for a portfolio review? Add a DVD tray to the lid of The Folio Collection Box for a small additional fee.

Fine Art Photo Presentation box with white liner and black liner

The Folio Collection Box with a white interior liner and a black interior liner.

Fine Art Photo Presentation with DVD tray box

The Folio Collection box with the optional DVD tray in the lid


The Folio Collection can be ordered through our website and in the BRI ROES MAIN ordering software.
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