Create Your Own Photo Greeting Cards


Did you know that Americans took about 80 billion digital pictures in 2011 alone? This could be because many people are increasingly using their smartphones to take photographs, allowing easier access to a camera during photo opportunities. Consequently, sites like Facebook now house more than 240 billion uploaded digital photographs.

Despite the explosion of mobile devices and social media, there are still plenty of people who use their pictures to create custom photo greeting cards. The reason for this is that individual pictures and the best photo books have long since been the main way to commemorate important moments in life. With a custom photo greeting card, you get the best of both worlds — a picture that is uniquely yours and a thoughtful gift that is memorable.

Here are a few things you can do to make your custom photo greeting cards a success:

Create a Great Design. You can create a great design with the proper tools. A great piece of software to use is Photoshop. It allows you to incorporate your photo into your custom design. It can even clean up annoying things such as red eye and camera glare. When designing, pay particular attention to the colors in your photo. You want your background and fonts to complement your photo. Whatever you decide to do with your design, remember the goal of your custom photo greeting card is to impress whoever receives it.


Pick the Best Pictures. You may think that you can always touch up photos that aren’t perfect, but this might end up working against you. Not all designs will be forgiving. Even though you have access to programs like Photoshop, it might be better for your project to work with a clear shot from the beginning. This ensures that your custom photo greeting card pops in a way that you won’t regret.


Download Printing Templates. Many websites allow you to upload your own design and will provide helpful printing templates. By using the printing template, you will get a preview of exactly how your design will look once it’s printed! This way, you still have creative latitude to design your card the way you want.


You can achieve the look of a professional printing company if you choose the right shots, create a great design, and download any helpful printing templates. Taking these steps will make your custom photo greeting cards attractive and memorable.