Client Gifts by Catherine Guidry

Catherine Guidry

Since the inception of my business…(before I even knew how to consistently create correctly exposed and composed images)…I was doing my best to make my client experience the best it could possibly be!

This meant answering emails within a timely manner (no more than 24-48 hours), returning phone calls, speaking to customers with a smile, and being accommodating and flexible while still remaining professional!

After my first year of business, I decided I wasn’t doing enough. Considering the financial commitment of wedding photography, I would consider the previous obligations to be “expectations.” But I wanted to do something UNEXPECTED! 😉

Client Gifts are great because they:

*…. make your clients feel good!

*…. reinforce your branding and style!

*…. show that you’re personable and truly care!

My client gifts have changed over the past few years but for the first time I feel completely content and SO excited about what I’m sending out. I wanted these gifts to be thoughtful and fun…so I’ve been treating my clients to MMmmMmmMM…..six chocolate covered Bride + Groom Oreos, a handwritten note and Black River Imaging LOFT card that reminds them “Where there is LOVE, there is LIFE.” :)

I’ve received WONDERFUL responses in regards to these client gifts and I’m happy to share—> Check out the images of my client gifts as well as detail images of the LOFT Black River Imaging cards below :::

Client Gifts by Catherine Guidry

Client Gifts by Catherine Guidry

Client Gifts by Catherine Guidry

Client Gifts by Catherine Guidry