Business Tip #9 Write Your Professional Story

Each of us comes to this good green plant with a unique blueprint that has never been, and never will be, precisely replicated. Fast Track Photographer. Dane Sanders. 2010. Amphoto Books. 240 pages.

Each of us has a story. It is uniquely ours. No one else will ever have the same story as you.

Why is it important to write your professional story?

Writing your professional story provides you a road map for your business by giving you a deeper understanding of you who are, where you have been, and where you are going in the future. Keep a copy of your story close by. Make sure you are continuing down the path that is best for you by refering to your professional story as you move along in your business. If you find yourself off track, make the necessary adjustments to get right back on track!

Your professional story also gives your clients and potential clients a look into your life, who you are and what makes you tick. It gives your clients and potential clients a little slice of your personality helping them to determine if you a good fit to fulfill their need. Your story will connect you with others that you have something in common with, laying the foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Writing your professional story.

Writing your story may appear to be a huge mountain to climb. In fact, it is not. Just begin by thinking about a few simple questions.

1).Who are you? What are your beliefs about life and the world?

2). What motivates you? Is it money? Making an impact on society? Helping others? What demotivates you?

3). What are your core values? Does your family come first and work second? Or is it the other way around? Do you value the almighty dollar over helping others and doing what’s right?

4). What are you looking to get out of this one life you have been given? Are you Scrooge or Mother Teresa or somewhere in between?

5). What do you want others to say about you after you have left this wonderful world we live in? What is your legacy? What kind of mark do you want to leave on this world?

6). What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What activities do you enjoy doing? Are you good at these activities? What are you good at? What are you bad at? Which activity brings you the most joy in life?

7). What experiences have shaped who you are today? Were they positive or negative? What did you learn for those experiences? How did you change from those experiences? What would you do differently the next time a similar situation arises?

As you ponder these questions, I would encourage you to write down the first answers that come to you as this is the beginning of your professional story. When you have completed your first draft, put it away for a day or two. Come back and read over what you have written. Then revise. Continue this process until you have your story.

Once your story is written, it is now time to share it with the world. Replace the old ‘About Me’ section on your website or blog with the your new professional story that is authentically you!

Whewwww! Doesn’t that feel better!