Business Idea #13: Have a Phone Number on Your Website.

I am your potential client. I am on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I have 5 different email addresses. I am a text messaging queen. I am a super busy mom, wife, and I work full time. I make 90% of the buying decisions for my family. I am your target market.

I have checked out your photography on Facebook. I have been reading your blog. I have asked all my besties what they know about you and your photography business. I checked out your website and love what I see.

I’m ready to schedule a session. But I have a few questions first. I want to call you!

So I naturally go back to your website to find your phone number to call you. But all I see is an email contact form. I am really disappointed. I have questions that I want answered before I hand over my credit card to book my session.

I check Facebook and your blog for a phone number and I come up empty handed.  I am too busy to search for your phone number therefore I call my second choice photographer who has their phone number on their website and their Facebook Page. Then I chat with all my friends that I didn’t have you photograph for me because I couldn’t find your phone number.

Ok, so maybe the above scenario is a little extreme. It could happen. It probably has happened.

Having a phone number on your website may seem a little archaic. But in this day and age of being over connected with smart phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc., sometimes there is a need to just pick up the phone and call someone. When was the last time you scheduled a doctor’s appointment via a Facebook message?

Don’t assume your clients don’t want to call you. They do. Your clients want to hear your voice. Your clients want that personal connection, even if it is over the phone. Your clients want to know you are easily accessible. Make yourself accessible to them with a phone number on your website.

Many times people will only go to your website to find your phone number. Having your phone number present on each page of your website will make it very easy to find and allow your potential clients, current clients, and others a better opportunity to contact you.

If your phone number is not on your website, stop what you are doing, login to your dashboard and add your phone number! Do it now!

Ahhhhhh! Now doesn’t that feel better?