Business idea #11: Start a blog.

Social networking today goes beyond the confines of Facebook and Twitter. Today it is imperative to have a blog. I know. I know. A blog! UGH! What in the world would you possibly have to say that other people would find interesting? EVERYTHING!

That’s right! Everything! There are MILLIONS of blogs on the net today. You can read blogs on photography, RVing, parenting, wines, music, movies, books, etc. Any subject you can think of, there is a blog devoted to it. Blogs are quickly becoming the way to assimilate information and news.

In our over-connected world, people are constantly looking for personal connections, to have something in common with their virtual friends, to be connected with another person through personal experiences. What a better place to share your experiences but on a blog?

I hear all of you groaning. Again. Blogging. UGH. I don’t have the time. I don’t know what to write about. No one will read my blog. Below are Ten Reasons Why You Should Blog by Lindsay Adler and Rosh Sillars, that I came across while reading their book, The Linked Photographers’ Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media. I highly recommend heading over to Amazon and purchasing this book. It is a wonderful reference!

1. Build your reputation

2. Express yourself.

3. Become an “expert.”

4. Share your work.

5. Improve your SEO.

6. Build an interest, increase audience.

7. Attract new clients.

8. Show your personality.

9. Promote yourself.

10. Start a conversation.

As you take in and mull over the 10 reasons above, begin thinking of how your blog will look, read, and feel. Will your blog have clean lines and be modern? Or will it have warm, inviting colors? The choice is yours!

Your blog is the voice of your business. It is the place you will announce what’s going on with your business. You can use your blog to announce specials, run contests, post images and other current happenings in your life.

Your blog will be an essential part of your branding. It will have a personality, your personality. Therefore, think about your branding. What message do you want to communicate to the world about you and your business?

Your blog will give your audience a peek into your life and your business. Update it on a regular basis. If all the time you can devote to your blog is once a week, then do it once a week! All that matters is that your blog is active. The more you blog, the easier it becomes!  You can do it! I have faith in you!

Don’t have a blog? Need one? Great! There are several places online you can start a blog for little or no cost. Check out Blogger,, or TypePad.

Have a blog already? Post your blog url in our comments! I look forward to reading what you’re writing!

Happy Blogging!