Black River Imaging Hosting Summer Sizzler

Black River Imaging's Summer Sizzler

Black River Imaging, a photo finishing lab for professional photographers, is hosting the forth annual Summer Sizzler, a two day educational opportunity for professional photographers.

Black River Imaging's Summer Sizzler

The Summer Sizzler will be held on July 28 and July 29 of this year at the Ramada Oasis in Springfield, Missouri. This years speakers include Ike & Tash Haynes from Tacoma, Washington, Jaelene Bryan from Pinckneyville, Illinois and Tessa Swarthout from Atlanta, Georgia.

Ike & Tash Haynes are presenting their Street Team How To: How To Create A Senior Model Program That Generates Business and Builds Your Brand Among High School Seniors. Ike & Tash are bringing one of their 2014 Street Team Members with them to demonstrate the ins and outs of having a Street Team program.

Ike & Tash

Adobe Lightroom is Jaelene Bryan’s speciality. Jaelene realizes everyone has the goal of spending as little time in post production as possible. What Lightroom offers photographers is powerful editing features that allow you to import, sort, organize, and refine images. In her class, Jaelene will uncover the tools Lightroom has that allow photographers to quickly process images so they are client presentable. Subjects to be covered are initial setup, workflow, file management, processing, and how to use Lightroom for your sales presentation.

Jaelene, owner of Jaelene Bryan Photography, says, “It starts with a well balanced image in the camera but ends with good workflow.”.

Founder of 510 Girls Photography, Tessa Swarthout, knows girls today face a multitude of challenges with one of the most prevalent being the comparison game.

“It’s not only magazines and the television but todays youth face a constant comparison battle thanks to social media and an increased amount of peer pressure at school. Knowing this it can cause them to begin to question their own beauty and self-worth, at 510 Girls we want to take a stand to show each individual girl how the things that make them unique are part of what make them truly beautiful”, says Tessa, founder of 510 Girls.

510 Girls Empowering Natural Beauty

The mission of 510 Girls, is to capture the radiant natural untouched beauty of each individual. Through this experience, each girl will begin to recognize their natural beauty and become proud of the girl they were created to be.

Registration is now open for the Summer Sizzler. Register in the BRI ROES software.

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