Baby Plans for Profit


With backgrounds in psychology and ministry, the Scotts understand people. Whether building relationships with potential clients or developing their incredibly successful baby plan, David and Whitney have found that what theyʼve learned from their past has a profound influence on their business now. Here are the top five reasons they believe “Year One”, their plan for babyʼs first year, has been so successful.

1. We thought about what we wanted people to say about us.

Knowing how you want to be perceived will determine the type of client you want to attract. We decided that we wanted people to know and talk about these four aspects of our business:

1. We are award-winning photographers.

2. We travel frequently.

3. Weʼre nice people.

4. We are expensive (but worth it).

Because we know people perceive these things about us in the community (inpart because we “control” what they know…or in turn they will control what is known about us), we are now attracting clients who appreciate our work as art, perceive that we are in demand, like us personally and are willing to pay our prices.

2. We limit the number of sessions in our baby plan.

“Year One” only includes three sessions: newborn, 6 months and one year. This prevents us from overwhelming people and makes each session feel more special. Consequently, we are making MORE from our plan with three sessions than we were previously with six!

3. Each of our sessions is unique.

We knew that if all our sessions were similar, parents were going to lump them into one category in their head (i.e. “babyʼs first year pictures). If the sessions and products seem very different, they are not as likely to add the totals together mentally, and your order averages will be higher.

4. We donʼt offer all our products, all the time.

Just as each session is unique, our product offerings for each session are unique. Moms used to come in for the newborn session, bust their budget and purchase all their favorite products. The next time they arrived they felt like theyʼd already seen it all, and sales suffered. Now each time they come in they receive a pricing card specific to that particular session with unique products available only at that time. It keeps them excited and creates an urgency about purchasing.

5. We treat our clients as friends!

This past year, the first year we offered our new and improved baby plan, our clients spent an average of $2300 on the newborn session alone! Obviously those are relationships we want to nurture. Weʼve discovered that clients with whom we have a friendship are fiercely loyal. We always make a point of friending them on Facebook so we can keep up with and comment on their lives. We often throw a little extra something in with their order (a print they were considering, but didnʼt order, a set of Black Riverʼs double-sided wallets, etc.). In the end, itʼs the big things that make our business good, but it is the little things that make it great.

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