All New 6-Card Sampler for Better Photography Sales

Greeting Card Sample set

The holidays are right around the corner which means now is the time to prep the products you will be selling to your families. This year we are making selling holiday greeting cards easier on you with our 6-Card Sampler set.

With the 6-Card Sampler, you can order one set of cards and upload up to 6 unique designs. Now it is easier to show your clients all your holiday designs, save money and paper too!

6 card sampler pricing comparision

Why 6 cards in the sampler set?

You want to offer your clients enough variety without offering them too much variety. 3 designs is too little and 8 designs become a little overwhelming. 6 designs provides your client with enough variety without being overwhelmed.

Pearl, Eggshell, LOFT, ColorTHICK, Linen, Art, 4×5, 5×7, shaped. What do these mean to your client? Nothing except confusion. Having samples of greeting cards provides clarity for your client. They will know exactly what the paper looks and feels like. They will know what the size will be and what the shape will look like. Nothing will be left to wonder or worry about.

There is one additional benefit to you to offering 6 greeting card designs during the holiday season. It is a time saver.¬† Offering 6 designs means you will not be building custom designs late into the night hoping the client will not want any changes to the design. There is always that one client that is never satisfied no matter how many revisions you have done. By offering 6 specific card designs, you can say, “Here are this year’s greeting card designs. We can customize the text to say anything you want. Which design is your favorite?”

Free Greeting Card Templates


Planting the Seed

The old adage says, “You must show it to sell it.” Another way to look at it is, “Clients must see it to buy it.”

In photography, selling products begins with planting the expectation seed in your client’s mind. Start planting this seed at the initial contact or the first time the potential client contacts you about a session. You know your process. You know what is going to happen from the time they book their session to the time their order is delivered. But your client doesn’t know. Walk them through your process. Explain what will happen from the session to the sales/viewing session to when it is time to deliver their order.

During this short explanation of what is going to happen, mention greeting cards, wall portraits, albums, gift prints, anything you want them to buy. You might say something like, “The viewing appointment is the time to choose which of your favorite images you will be using for your wall portrait, gift prints, and greeting cards. We have 6 gorgeous greeting card designs for you to choose from.”

Have your samples sitting out for your clients to touch, feel, hold and look at when they arrive for their session. If you see your client interacting with the samples, you might say, “Aren’t those greeting cards wonderful? My favorite feature is the feel of the card stock. So thick and luxurious.” They will agree with you.

At the sales/viewing appointment, have samples of everything you want to sell available for your clients to interact with. People in general are not visual. Most of your clients will not be visual. They will need to see it to be able to visualize it. If you want to increase your family heirloom album sales, have a sample. Want to sell gallery wraps, have a sample. Greeting cards, have a sample. Your clients are more inclined to purchase a product they have physically seen.

Free 5×7 Templates

holiday cards
We want to help you this fall season by giving you 6 FREE holiday greeting card designs to use in your business! These designs are sized to fit our 5×7 flat cards with fully customizable fronts and backs. As a bonus, the templates include a 10% off discount code valid through 10/31/15 on your next order of greeting cards (including¬†shaped, LOFT or ColorTHICK)! Download and order your 6-Card Sampler today!

Holiday Card Templates (916 downloads)


greeting card sampler6-card sampler available to order on the website only. Not available in ROES or Cascade.

Images courtesy of Amanda Reed.