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Who Is ShootProof?

ShootProof is a small, close-knit team of photographers, developers, and engineers who are always thinking outside the box.  They enjoy designing, building, and sharing their newest ideas, and some of their best work is done over “team lunch” on Thursdays.  Even better, they’re fanatical about customer service, which may mean you get a big high five on their Facebook page or a few extra smiley faces in your emails.

What ShootProof Does

ShootProof’s goal is to help photographers succeed, which is why their entire existence is built on preparing the tools you need to successfully upload, share, sell, and print your photos for your clients.  Their focus on modern, clean designs ensures that you always have beautiful galleries to show your clients, and their attention to detail means that your professionalism shines through.  Plus, because they’re forward-thinking and always looking to improve the client experience, ShootProof’s team is constantly implementing new features that help your business succeed.

How ShootProof Began

ShootProof was created in 2009, when the co-founders saw a need for photographers to have online galleries where they could sell and share their work without paying commission fees. Today, tens of thousands of photographers across 29 different countries use ShootProof, and as they continue to grow, they stand true to their “no commissions” mantra.

Why ShootProof?

When you create a free account with ShootProof, you instantly have all of the tools you need to easily share, sell, and print your work online. With stylish online galleries, an easy-to-use shopping cart, integration with pro labs around the world, and free mobile app creation, ShootProof’s goal is to help photographers succeed.

ShootProof gives you the control to seamlessly integrate your galleries with your website.  Don’t have a website?  That’s completely fine – use ShootProof as a stand-alone proofing site, and wow your clients with your professionalism.

In this digital age, selling and sending digital images to your clients is a huge part of many photographers’ business models.  With ShootProof, the options for digital download delivery are plentiful, but whichever you choose, it’s always quick and easy. Clients can receive an email automatically, and with one click, voila! – the files are theirs. Or, allow clients to download individual images directly to their phones or tablets with one click.  Say goodbye to the outdated CDs, the expensive USB drives, and the extra hassle of copying and delivering photos, and say hello to automatic digital download delivery.

Spread the word about your amazing work by creating mobile apps for your clients — they’re included! Clients download custom digital albums to their mobile devices, and then share with their friends and families.  Use them as a marketing tool and watch your referrals grow.

Fulfilling print orders has never been easier. Clients log in, view their photos, make their selections and pay at checkout, and then with just a few clicks photographers can send the orders off to the lab to be printed and shipped.  ShootProof’s partnership with Black River Imaging ensures your clients receive high quality, professional prints every time.

Get Your Account!

It can’t be any easier – head on over to ShootProof’s website and join the family!  Sign up for a free account (no credit card is required) and get started on enhancing your business’s online sales. Use Promo Code RIVER20 to SAVE 20% off your first year!

Online Sales Print Fulfillment

Share Sell Print ShooProof + Black River Imaging