5 Creative Uses For Folio Boxes and Prints

With the Folio Collection from Black River Imaging, you can preserve and present your memories in a whole new way. Images are printed on ultra-thick LOFT paper and packaged in a beautiful fabric-bound box. This album alternative is perfect for weddings, engagements, and all other romantic adventures, but that’s not the only way you can use it. Check out these five creative uses for Folio boxes and prints to get some inspiration for your next purchase.

Folio Collection Folio Prints
1 – Baby’s First Year
Capture all the memories from your baby’s first year of life with Folio prints from his biggest moments. This may include your pregnancy photos, birth photos, first steps, first birthday, and everything in between. Use this as an excuse to keep a camera around at all times. You may even take this a step further and get a Folio box for every year of your child’s upbringing. This is a great alternative to traditional photo albums, and it is something your family can cherish forever.
2 – High School Graduation

Want to give your high school student something awesome for graduation? Sure, a car would do the trick, but a Folio box is a little more affordable! Gather pictures from your child’s time in high school or just his senior year, depending on how many you have to choose from. This will be an awesome time capsule of memories your graduate can take with him to college.
3 – Vacation Commemoration
Immortalize your family vacation with Folio prints from the major highlights of the trip. You can change the cover of the Folio box to match the nature of the vacation so you easily know which box to reference when you want to look at old photos. You could also do this for family reunions. Send them out to everyone in your family so they have a record of the times you spent together.

4 – Pet Memorials
Losing a pet is a devastating experience that many families face at one point or another. If you want to memorialize your favorite furry friend, a Folio box could be the perfect solution for you. Print some of your favorite pictures from the years and pick out a box that matches your pet’s personality. Set this on your mantle or entertainment center with the other family photos, and your pet will always be a part of your life.
5 – Surprise Proposal
Alright, we said we wouldn’t mention any of the cheesy romantic ideas, but this one just can’t be left off the list. If you want to propose to your special someone in a unique way, a Folio box could be just what you need. Get prints of your favorite pictures together and stack them in chronological order in the box. Take a picture of yourself in the classic one-knee proposal stance and use it as the last image in the box. You could even tape the ring at the bottom of the box to seal the deal (it will make noise if it’s loose). With this awesome idea, you’re sure to get a resounding “yes!”
Don’t stow away your memories. Our Folio boxes are designed to be beautiful and featured as a piece of functional decor. At times, you may want to display one special Folio Print outside your Folio Box. Acrylic Easels are a simple, affordable way to do so.


Acrylic easel for Folio Prints
What creative way have you used Folio boxes? Let us know in the comments.