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Three Easy and New Ways You Can Share Your Photos With Everyone

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Did you know that the first digital camera was invented by Steve Sasson, in 1975? Since then, camera technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. Digital technology quickly surpassed film as the preferred method of capturing photographs, and today, people can share photos with their friends across the country with just one click of a button.

When it comes to recording memories, some people still revert to the old way of doing things. They print out individual photos, get some tape, and start sticking them into albums and cards that they gradually shift or fall out of over time. Today, you can skip this step and get professional, beautiful looking products that seamlessly blend photography and media. Here are three different products you can use to showcase the pictures you of of your life, friends and family.

1. Photo Greeting Cards

Although most of us associate photo cards with the holidays, in fact, they can make a great form of communication any time of the year. Whether it’s an invitation to a first communion or bat mitzvah or an engagement announcement, photo cards allow you a way to personalize your greeting. Instead of having to insert photos into card after card, most printing services offer to make professional looking greeting cards using your photo. They can even overlay text on it.

photo greeting cards

Personalized Photo Greeting Cards

2. Professional Photo Albums

Everyone’s parent or grandparent has a photo album they’ll pull out from time to time. The photographs have gone yellow with age, and the carefully arranged captions and notes will move sideways or gather in a heap at the bottom of the plastic page. Today, many people are opting instead for custom photo albums that come with the photos already printed on each page, with typed descriptions or captions. Professional photography wedding albums are popular for couples who want something they’ll enjoy showing friends and family.

image of wedding albnum

Mosaic Wedding Albums

3. Canvas Photo Prints

Since photographs were conventionally flat and shiny in nature, it was fairly customary to stick them into a photo frame and leave them on the table. Today, though, many people are looking for ways to make their favorite photographs more easy-to-spot and long lasting. One way to have a quality looking piece is to get canvas photo prints. The photos are printed right onto cloth canvas and mounted, for an art-inspired look that’s perfect for any room of your house — and also makes a great gift.

bride and groom on a personalized canvas wrap

personalized photo canvas Wrap

Have you looked at professional photography wedding albums, personalized photo greeting cards, or canvas photo prints as a way to preserve your images?

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And the Winner is….

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IUSA14 Black River Imaging Shopping Spree Winner

IUSA14 Black River Imaging Shopping Spree Winner

You are the winner of our $1000 Black River Imaging Shopping Spree ImagingUSA giveaway!

Be watching your inbox for an email from us!


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Win a WPPI Full Conference Pass!

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WPPI 2014 Free Conference Pass Giveaway

WPPI 2014 Free Conference Pass Giveaway


Have you always dreamed of attending WPPI? Here is your chance to go on us!  We are giving away a Full Conference Pass to WPPI 2014, February 27-March 6, 2014!

Click here to enter to win!

Winner will be announced on Tuesday November 12 at 2 pm cst.

Want more chances to win? Enter each day to increase your chances of winning! Head over to our friends at Fundy Software to enter to win!

*Winner receives Full Conference Pass only. Winner responsible for their own travel and accommodations.

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Kubota Artistic Tools V1 Review

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Shopping for Photoshop actions can be as difficult as shopping for a new car.

You know what it’s like. You find exactly what you are looking for (or what you thought you were looking for) and then you test drive it. As you are testing driving it, you realize it’s almost perfect but not quite. Maybe the interior is not the exact color you had imagined. Or maybe the way the dashboard is laid out isn’t quite right. It could be that you need want all the bells and whistles and the one you are driving is anything but top of the line. Simply, it does not fit your vision of who you are (the cool cucumber driving the mini van scenario).

Surely, you have had this same experience with Photoshop actions. An image catches your eye as you are scrolling through Facebook and you think to yourself, ‘Self, I LOVE the look of those actions! So you buy. Once you get it downloaded and are testing it out on several of your images, you realize it’s almost perfect but not quite. It doesn’t mesh well with your brand. Or it does not run consistently or it shuts Photoshop down. Whatever the case it’s not for you. Back on the hunt you go and the cycle begins again.

Stop the action insanity hunt today! You do not need to look any further than Kubota Image Tools! They have everything a discerning professional photographer could ever want! Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, Borders and Textures, and so much more. You really need to check all their products out!

Kubota’s Dashboard 4 Pro is one AMAZING feature! I am absolutely in love with the dashboard! It organizes your actions. You can search from it. Actions can be run from it and the best part is it is FREE and includes free actions!!! (we all like free). If you do nothing else today, click the link and download the Dashboard. You will not be sorry!

I also want to talk with you about Kubota’s Artistic Tools V1. Kubota has four versions of the Artistic Tools. I will talk about the other three versions in the near future.

Artist Tools V1 (ATV1 from here on out) is an amazing set of actions. This set has over 50 actions for you to use. ATV1 is coined the “Classic Film Effects” set. Many of the actions produce an effect you would have gotten from shooting film. For example, below you will find the original image (SOOC) on the left and on the right is the end result after having run Kubota’s BW Grainy Film action.

Kubota Image Tools

Kubota Image Tools

When it comes to sepia actions, I am hard to impress. Many sepia actions are too yellow or too green in the shadows and highlights. Sepia Deep Black 2 is a wonderful sepia action. Blacks remain black and whites remain white with this action. Skin tones are a creamy white with a hint of the reddish brown tones of sepia. If you are looking for the perfect sepia action, then look no further! Sepia Deep Black 2 is it!

Kubota Image Tools

Kubota Image Tools

Lastly, I want to talk about ATV1′s vignette action. The purpose of a vignette is to draw the viewers eyes to a specific area in the image. Vignettes however can be over done. What stands out to me about Kubota’s vignette action is you have complete control over the opacity of the vignette. You can customize it to your image. And the best part is you can see the changes in real time! Make a little change, you see it immediately! No guessing!

Kubota Image Tools

Kubota Image Tools

If you are looking for a solid action pack that you will use over and over, Artistic Tools V1 is the action pack for you! B&W actions, Skin Softening, Sepia, Eye & Teeth Whitener, Sepia and a vignette are just a few of the actions in this must have pack that is perfect for all styles of photography!  At $179 for 56 actions($3.19 each), you can not go wrong!

Thank you to Elise Ellis Photography for the use of her images in this blog post.


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Custom Notepads Are Here!

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Custom Notepad by Black River Imaging

Custom Notepad


Introducing Notepads!

Now Order Customized Notepads for You or Your Clients

We’re bringing you four sizes of Notepads that are sure to fit anyone’s style. Use these Notepads to show off images of high school seniors, pets, grand kids or favorite vacation pics. Perfect for client Thank You gifts(make sure your branding is on it!)!

Notepads come in options of 50 or 100 sheet pads for the 2.5″x8.5″, 3.75″x6.5″ and 3.75″x9″ sizes, and 25 or 50 sheets for the 8″x8″ size. Choose from various styles including optional covers, layout designs and more.

Notepad Features:

Finished sizes are 2.5″x8.5″, 3.75″x6.5″, 3.75″x9″ and 8″x8″

Standard Pad paper is a smooth 80 lb Everyday Digital

Each size has an add-on cover option printed on Mohawk 120 lb Superfine eggshell paper

Each pad comes in 50 and 100 sheet counts with the exception of the 8″x8″ at 25 or 50 sheets

Notepads are sold as each with tiered pricing for large quantities

Head over to our website for Notepad pricing.

How To Order: These are available in our Black River Imaging – ROES software inside the Press Products catalog.

How will you use Notepads in your business?





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27,000 Facebook Likes Giveaway!

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Black RIver Imaging Wedding Albums

The Details

-Use promo code FANS27 to receive 27% off your next order.

-Valid only in the BRI ROES ordering software.

-One time use promo code

-The discount is only valid on one order from one catalog in the BRI ROES ordering software.

-Expires July 5, 2013 at 11:59 pm


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StickyAlbums + BRI = StickyLove

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I first became aware of StickyAlbums last summer during our annual Summer Sizzler, when my friend Natalie Licini spoke about it during her presentation. I went home and delved into what StickyAlbums was and how I could use it in my boutique wedding business. What I found was incredible!

Over the last few months, we have been working with Nate Grahek, owner of StickyAlbums, to bring you a brand new partnership.

Through a series of 3 blog posts, I will be introducing you to StickyAlbums, how to use StickyAlbums in your business, and how Cascade and StickyAlbums integrate to provide your clients a StickyAlbum of their session album or flush mount wedding album!

Let’s get started!


Word-of-mouth referrals are our most valuable currency as pro-photographers. Smart Phones and Tablets are the fastest growing consumer products we’ve ever seen, and they’re changing how we live and how we do business. StickyAlbums gives you a way to leverage this mobile revolution into wow-factor referrals. StickyAlbums also helps you target clients who can afford premium photography–people who use iPhones and iPads have already demonstrated their affinity for premium/boutique products.

Designed by pro-photographers in early 2012, StickyAlbums has already taken the photography community by storm. The idea is genius: create a custom photo album app for each of your clients so they can share your work via their mobile device. Clients access their own album—complete with your branding—via their phone or tablet. They can share the album face-to-face, or they can send the app to the devices of their friends and family.

On your end, StickyAlbums’ software makes creating the albums as quick and easy as creating a new blog post. It takes just a few minutes to produce albums that are clean, professional, and guaranteed to wow your clients.

StickyAlbums works best as an add-on premium, a part of top-level packages. Current members use StickyAlbums as the perfect pull-through incentive to get clients to invest in bigger print packages, or print albums.


Create digital mobile app photo albums

Easily update albums at any time

Custom “app” icon for each album

Embed YouTube video in albums

Embed Background Music

Keep private albums secure with passwords

Want more info? Then check out this video!


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And That’s A Wrap! Imaging USA 2013

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We had such a blast at Imaging USA this year! Thank you for making it phenomenal!

See you in Phoenix!

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Imaging USA BRI Shopping Spree Winner!

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We are sending out a BIG hug to each one of you that came by our booth at Imaging USA this week. You made the show for us! Thank you!

We are giving away $1000 of product to one lucky person that stopped by the booth and had their badge scanned! But before we can announce the winner, we need to get some housekeeping out of the way.

We had 957 entires! AWESOME! Anyone who had their badge scanned at our booth during Imaging USA was automatically given a number corresponding with the order in which their badge was scanned.

We used the True Random Number Generator powered by Random.org to generate the number of the winner!


Without further ado, the winner is…..Stacy Humphries of Splash Studios LLC!

Congratualtions Stacy! We will be contacting you!


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Instagram Contest!

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Day 1 of Imaging USA 13 totally ROCKED our socks off! We absolutely LOVED visiting with each and everyone of you that came by the booth! Thank you!

We want Day 2 to be phenomenal as well! For Day 2 to be fantastic, we need your help! That’s right! We need your help!

Here is what you have to do:

Come by the BRI booth #1743. Head over to the Studio Inspiration corner. Snap an image of yourself doing something FUN and CRAZY in the Studio Inspiration corner. Upload it to Instagram tagging us @blackriverimaging and using the hashtag #IUSA13! Then tweet it out mentioning us (@bripro) and using the hashtag #IUSA13 (you can tweet and post to Instagram at the same time)!

You will be entered to win a $250 BRI shopping spree!

Winner will be announced on Instagram on Friday January 25!!!

Happy Instagraming!

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